October 13, 2010

What a crazy day. Had a TVC audition, then a meeting with a youth worker, two meetings with comedians and I got shortlisted for a grant for a show for next year. Morepork got wasted in the Bird of the Year poll, but lost graciously to the berry eater kakariki.

Interesting day

October 12, 2010

Had an interview with TV3, then a meeting with Geraldine Brophy and now off to host out at the Strathmore Local. All my opinions about Wellington actors were reaffirmed at the meeting last night. That may be a compliment, or an insult.

Noble Morepork

October 10, 2010

I will be defending the honour of the Noble Morepork against kokako fancier Greens Party co-leader Russel Norman on Friday 15th October at Fringe Bar at the Wellington Debate.

I will also be mediating the Wellington Actors’ Meeting on Monday 11 October at the Tararua Tramping Club in Mt Vic.

DomPost front page 2 September

September 1, 2010

Off comedy for a moment, was just curious about the front page article on the Dominion Post this morning:

Maybe I’m a little cynical but I got the impression that the DomPost were trying to stir some sort of controversy, Americans coming over here, taking our land. However I wonder, without that foreign investment coming in, where was the money supposed to come from to develop that resort? And without that resort, who would be employing the (presumably) New Zealand helicopter pilot, and who would pay for the produce for the meals, or pay the landscapers and gardeners? Also I imagine most of the building materials would have been sourced locally as well as most of the builders, electricians, plumbers etc. I’ve probably missed something somewhere, anyone know more about this?

Raw Meat

July 13, 2010

Was great last night, mainly thanks to ‘good times’ girl Jim Stanton. It was really what I feel Raw Meat Mondays at Fringe Bar is all about, the audience were relaxed, the comedians chilled out and everyone just got a chance to test things out. If something didn’t work they acknowledged it and moved on. Great audience. I really feel that 20-30 is the right size for a gig of that type. We had Jen O’Sullivan, Gabe Page, Nicolai l’Estrange, Indigo days flashback Simon McCarthy, Natalie Britten and myself. Pop down next week for Nathan Winter’s MC debut.

Rock and Roll

June 30, 2010

Heading out to Lower Hutt tonight. First time in way too long. Jav Jarquin, Bea Joblin and myself. We have flyered, postered, ads in the newspaper and I’ve lost count of emails sent out. All we have to do is hit the stage.
Rock and roll.

Dave Fane

June 27, 2010

Oh dear, read about this in the Herald. But it seems like the speed and sincerity of the apology should mitigate things somewhat. I hope he keeps his job.
And credit to the Jewish Council president for calling it a stupid act instead of an anti-semitic one.

In happier news, just had a film shoot for a neat project by Chaz Harris and Sarah Harpur. 101 Dates is set to be released on the web in August. Well written and with some great actors too. Also, professional crew. No mucking about, loved it.

Raw Meat tonight at Fringe Bar. We sold out last week, 101 people in total (90 is capacity but 10 people left at half time so we let through another 10 who had been waiting (yes yes I know, an extra 1 person must have snuck past)).

Nicola’s 15min Poem

June 16, 2010

So I have a friend called Nicola who is competing in the AMP Do Your Thing! Scholarship challenge so she can attend journalism school at Columbia University New York. Here is my 15min poem,

Vote Nicola!
Things that you can do for Nicola
Pin her to the ground and tickle ‘er
Put her in a jar and pickle ‘er
Send her overseas, the click of a
Mouse will get her there, a stickler
For correct amounts, a nickel or
dime won’t be enough, a trickle of
luck and AMP, no fickler
place could let her in, vote quickiler
help our good friend out, that’s Nicola

Javier Jarquin

June 12, 2010

Well he’s back, but just the one night. Jav Jarquin is bringing the Legend of the Card Ninja to Lower Hutt’s Little Theatre on Thursday 1st July, tickets available here.
Really looking forward to seeing this show in a proper theatre, no plastic seats or floors sticky with beer. I think its the right environment for this type of performance. I have a bit of a soft spot for Little Theatre, it was the venue in which I performed my first ever Comedy Festival show, ‘Civilized’ with Matiaha Paku back in 2005. Then us two again with ‘Live at Little Theatre’, and one of the neatest gigs I’ve been involved with, the Korokoro Playcentre fundraiser in 2006 with James Nokise and Dai Henwood. Something about gigs in a theatre, especially in the Hutt. The audience come in knowing they’re going to see something special and it creates such a nice vibe for the performers. Its a beautiful space, and hopefully if I find the right show I’ll bring something else out there later in the year.
In the meantime, early bird tickets for Javier are $15 until the 17th June, so best to get in early.


May 25, 2010

So, I was going to write my last thoughts on Comedy Festival but got caught up in study, have an all day test tomorrow (9am-5pm) for linguistics so haven’t had time to think about comedy. Things are changing up at Fringe Bar, Derek is heading away and I’ll be taking over the booking and running of events for three months. Will post what’s going on after the weekend.
Just a quick note on a dream I had last night that someone might be able to enlighten me on. I was in a lecture theatre, the head of the linguistics department came in and said we were going to do revision for the test, then he gave a lecture on orangutans and how he’d observed them from a hot air balloon. Then another lecturer came in and handed us all sheets of paper which had a picture of a paella on it and the lyrics to The Girl from Ipanema?