Raw Quest heat 4, Nelson Fringe Festival

A great show at VKs last night, sold out Medicine gig with I think just over 100 in. And Vaughan King got to MC at his own bar for once. I was doing 15min to close, tried a new bit that worked well so will be sticking it in my show for Comedy Festival. Was fun to gig with Savanna Calton and James Malcolm, two Class Comedian graduates from 2013 who have been working hard in the Wellington and Auckland scenes.

We’re up to heat 4 of the Raw Comedy Quest at San Fran Thursday 26th March, I’ll be MCing 10 acts who are vying for a place in the semi-finals. There have been some very tough heats and tonight looks to be no different.

Also some fun news, I’ve been accepted into the Nelson Fringe Festival in May, my first time performing in Nelson. It’s their inaugural Festival and is a friendly five days of shows and workshops. I’ll be there Saturday 9th May, before heading back to Wellington to open The Third Pint at Kitty O’Shea’s.

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