Long fortnight

Same Same Different was great fun, thanks to all who came out. Last show on Saturday 28th Feb started with the audience and I watching the final moments of the NZvsAus cricket match on the big screen at Kitty O’Shea’s, Kane Williamson hitting the six and my show starting 5min later, dramatic stuff.

First heat of the Wellington Raw Comedy Quest out of the way, expertly MC’d by Rhys Mathewson. Congratulations to Lucy Roche, Joel Hansby, Jundas Capone and Lyle Newman for making it through to the semi-finals. Was a good crowd of 70 or so, looking foward to seeing that build as the season progresses.

And saw a great first hour by Patch Lambert on Saturday 7th March, full of laughs and original ideas, well impressed, particularly considering he’s been doing comedy less than two years.

Highlight of the year so far was the invitation to MC the very first comedy gig at VKs, Wellington’s first comedy club. Sold out night at the Medicine, some great talent. This is the strongest the scene has ever been.

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