Well first full week of the Fringe, my show opens on Wednesday at Kitty O’Shea’s. A nice room to play comedy in, I’m looking forward to it. Tickets here. I’m doing a quick spot at the Menagerie on Thursday too, a variety show run by Wellington’s Rachel Rouge.

Auckland was great. Tevita Manukia’s Moses bit is one of my favourite pieces of NZ stand up, such a nice piece of writing, if you’re ever in Auckland check him out. Friday and Saturday shows were sold out at the Classic, I love seeing the mix of people who come out to watch comedy there, everything from work groups to couples on a date to parents with their kids. Dai Henwood was a slick MC, and I got to see a couple of acts I haven’t seen perform in ages, Jarred Fell and Justine Smith (who’ll be hosting the Wgtn Raw Quest final), plus Paul Douglas who is a newer comic from Hamilton.

Had first Class Comedians school last week, Wellington High. They produced two great acts in 2013, James Malcolm and Savanna Calton, I’m looking forward to seeing who comes out of this year’s Class Comedians group. Onslow College this week.

Might have something in the works for Nelson later in the year, will let you know.

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