Javier Jarquin

Well he’s back, but just the one night. Jav Jarquin is bringing the Legend of the Card Ninja to Lower Hutt’s Little Theatre on Thursday 1st July, tickets available here.
Really looking forward to seeing this show in a proper theatre, no plastic seats or floors sticky with beer. I think its the right environment for this type of performance. I have a bit of a soft spot for Little Theatre, it was the venue in which I performed my first ever Comedy Festival show, ‘Civilized’ with Matiaha Paku back in 2005. Then us two again with ‘Live at Little Theatre’, and one of the neatest gigs I’ve been involved with, the Korokoro Playcentre fundraiser in 2006 with James Nokise and Dai Henwood. Something about gigs in a theatre, especially in the Hutt. The audience come in knowing they’re going to see something special and it creates such a nice vibe for the performers. Its a beautiful space, and hopefully if I find the right show I’ll bring something else out there later in the year.
In the meantime, early bird tickets for Javier are $15 until the 17th June, so best to get in early.

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