Nearly there

Ok so a bit flat out and didn’t manage to update yesterday. Venue managed last night at Fringe so saw Cori and El Jaguar again and then Mrs Peacock. Nice new show from these guys, they have been working hard over the past year and have come up with a host of new songs gently (at times) mocking New Zealand’s regional music differences. The finale, a tribute to Wellington’s dub scene was in my mind almost too similar to the actual thing to be satirical, which I guess was their point. Some nice looping and backing tracks, was an enjoyable hour. I missed Rock 101 but this performance showed the talent that won them the Billys.
About the head down to Class Comedians at San Fran at 3pm. They’re a good bunch of kids, looking forward to seeing how Dave Smith has worked with them. Then going to fit in Dave Wiggins’ matinee show of Googling God at 4.30pm at Bats. And finally another 8 hour stint at Fringe Bar.
Comedy Den was a weird one last night, we waited a bit for Late Laughs to finish but they were running way over time so we didn’t get the normal spill over, so a slightly smaller crowd that took a while to warm up. Gabe Page hit us with Betterman by Pearl Jam, Dave Wiggins with the unusual choice of Who Let the Dogs Out and to date the fastest dismissal from the Comedy Den stage, I can’t remember what Wellington’s Raw Comedy Quest winner Nick Gibb performed, and Andrew O’Neill finished with Smells Like Teen Spirit. He had a great surreal stand up performance, sadly I missed the Big Show, Jarred Christmas and Terry Alderton were fantastic at Best of the Fest on Thursday.
My last picks for tonight, for heartwarming comedy, Tom Wrigglesworth, Dave Wiggins, El Jaguar. For stuff that’s probably sold out and you won’t get tickets for, Ben Hurley, Raybon Kan. For roaring laughs the Big Show. For understated Wellington style deadpan Cori’s in2 Muzik, Mrs Peacock. For shows I wish I could see, Justine Smith, Late Laughs. For newcomers, Class Comedians, Jetlagged.
For final party we’re all at the Comedy Den from midnight. I’ll be the tired one who’s waiting for you all to leave so I can pack up the chairs.

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