Jeff Green

Caught up with Dave Wiggins who opened at Bats last night, he’s close to selling out with Googling God and has had an extra show put in on Saturday 4.30pm at Bats, so if you’re interested in seeing it I’d say the matinee show would be the easiest to get tickets to.

Jeff Green at San Fran had a smallish crowd, but you can tell he’s been doing this for 20 years as it made no difference whatsoever in how the show ran. He delivered 60min of solid stand up. No great theme or message, just topic and material and it was enjoyable. He definitely delivered what the crowd was expecting, and while the topics are pretty general ones, relationships, children, travel,  the material is solid and pretty much mostly hits. I think this one is pitched at the 30-40s, but I still got laughs out of it.

There was a big crowd lining up for Tom Wrigglesworth which is great, but yes get in there fast for tickets.

Only three days left, this has gone quickly. Auckland-wise, I’d be checking out the Billy T shows if I were you. Vaughan King, TJ McDonald, Rhys Matthewson, Clayts and Jarred Fell. I’m not heading up for Last Laughs, just going to take a breather and chill out. Getting tired quite easily, sign to slow down.

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