Venue managing at Fringe last night. Cori is in2 Muzik is classic Cori Gonzalez-Macuer. There is no comedian in New Zealand that has such a consistent stage presence. I remember the first gig I ever saw him do, Indigo circa 2003, where the first line he spoke to the audience was ‘shut up’. In2 Muzik covers the famous faces he’s met while working in television plus what have been described by one reviewer as his ‘disjointed one-liners’. He ends on some of his classic three chord ballads. He’s definitely got a following here, I’d recommend booking for Friday and Saturday. I wouldn’t take my dad to this one, but definitely the flatmates.
El Jaguar was a true spectacular. This will sell out. The wrestler has had issues in the past with too much energy in his performances, but this show has the right number of peaks and troughs so the audience don’t get exhausted. Congrats to Daniel and the reluctant but eventual collaborator Sarah, he asks a lot of his audience participants but they get so much support in return that its worth the risk.  Media types Heather du Plessis-Allan and Barry Soper were in the audience and were laughing throughout.

Bumped into Justine Smith at San Fran afterwards, really gutted I’m going to miss her show this year as I have to be at Fringe Bar managing for El Jaguar. Please go and see her on my behalf.

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