Didn’t make down to San Fran in time for Jeff Green due to a bottle of merlot but did make it for Tom Wrigglesworth, and I’m so glad I did. This was the best solo show I’ve seen all festival. From an altercation on a British Rail train, Tom weaves a story of old ladies, ticket masters and justice into a cohesive hour of uplifting stand up. Like Miles you’d have to call him a wordsmith too, the metaphors and descriptions are spot on, the grannie’s head full of memories, the conductor ejaculating¬† tickets, its just a beautifully written piece and I also laughed the hardest and most frequently through this show than any other. It has goodies and baddies and helpful strangers and you know Tom will come out the victor in the end, but the journey is still so enjoyable I’m actually thinking about going to see it again. Like Jarlath Regan, I’d take my dad, as well as recommend it to regular comedy goers. (Also, I sat across from Simon Sweetman during this show and he was giggling like a little school girl throughout, so if he writes a bad review either he’s a compulsive liar or a compulsive laugher. )

Tonight am venue managing at Fringe Bar again, we have El Jaguar and Cori Gonzalez-Macuer.

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