and Sunday night

Was just having lunch in Lambton Sq. and I totally got complimented by a lady who’d brought her child to the Comedy for Kids show. Maybe I didn’t have that weird a set after all. But yeah whatever, I get that all the time so stop going on about it.
Also had the On the Edge gig at San Fran last night fundraising for Burmese refugees. Shelly who runs it is lovely, all the comics look forward to it each year. Was up first with Elwood then we dashed out to get to Petone which we managed just in time to see Brad Zimmerman on stage out there. A solid set from him, some new stuff I haven’t heard before, his show Jetlagged is looking to be a quality gig. Cruz had a delightful 15min. Very engaging storyteller, she sampled some of her material from Jetlagged too.
Its a nice room at Speakeasy, though the audience were a bit weird this time around. I don’t know whether it was because we had started a little late but they were a bit sluggish and unresponsive, yet afterwards I heard some of them say how much they were enjoying themselves. I don’t know, just that Kiwi reserve I suppose. Jeremy gave a great headline spot, including the classic piece on deerhunters that won him gag of the year I think in ’08. So all in all a good night, if a little quiet to begin with.

Sorry to hear Jason Cook has taken ill, I’ll be heading down tonight to watch his replacement Tom Wrigglesworth about whom I know nothing and Jeff Green who I don’ think I’ve seen before either.

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