The Hutt

Sorry team, back again, was a bit of a busy weekend. Saturday had my gig out in Upper Hutt at Mayfair Cafe with Brendhan Lovegrove. Its such a lovely room, seats 30 comfortably and with the 40 in it that we had it was jam packed. And they are such an appreciative audience out there. Brendhan tore the roof off, there was rolling laughter throughout, probably the best audience I’ve heard all festival. And well done to the two 15 year olds and their dad who sat in the front row and bore the brunt of it. Rob and Bernice who run the place give the acts a meal beforehand but they didn’t manage to get it cooked in time and so after the gig handed me two polystyrene containers, one with a pork fillet and yoghurt riata, and the other a porterhouse steak. Drove Brendhan back to town with 20min to spare before his solo show at Garden Club then sat in a carpark outside Fringe Bar eating a porterhouse steak with my fingers. Good times.
Finally caught Rhys Matthewson on his last night. A very personal show and probably not what people who had seen him at Comedy Den would have expected. Love watching comedians who can change the pace so effortlessly. One muppet who tried to heckle at the start but I think that was to be expected at a 10pm show and with people who may not have gone to a live performance before, Rhys shut him down effectively before it got out of hand.
Matt Mulholland gave the best performance at Comedy Den so far with his rendition of Beyonce’s If I was a Boy in perfect falsetto.
Ended up doing Comedy for Kids on Sunday, I didn’t die but yikes it was interesting. They were listening and engaged so that was good, whether they were entertained well hmm. Fergus Aitken pulled out his classic Mr Fungus routine, but the best performer by far was 7 year old ginger Andrew who Simon and Derek pulled up on stage to take part in a story. He wanted to be a robot designer when he grew up and we witnessed one of the finest improv examples when he led Derek and Si to his underground basement to battle and capture the evil Canuck. This kid was outstanding. He didn’t falter once when asked for imput and almost left D and Si flummoxed with the speed and cohesiveness of his contributions. Fantastic. I was impressed last year watching the class comedians take part in an improv workshop with Si, watching a 7 year old do it on stage in front of 80 people was incredible.

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