Finally got that sleep in, was needed. SpeakEasy went well, smaller crowd than I was expecting but about 40 or so so that’s something. Its a nice room, could fit about 60-80 at max capacity might run some shows there later in the year. They were a very warm audience, probably the nicest I’ve played to all week. Not what I’d call ‘conservative’  but definitely not a Fringe or San Fran crowd, and the material that worked best was the friendlier sort. Had TJ on MC, with Nathan Winter and Jav in the first and myself and James Keating in the second. Jav pulled out a 20min that I hadn’t seen him perform at all over the past 6 previous sets I’d seen him do that week. Prolific, sadly he’s heading to the UK later in the year so NZ audiences had better catch him soon. Next Sunday is going to be rocking, have Jeremy Elwood, Derek Flores and Cruzanne MacAlister.

Popped down to Fringe Bar afterwards, was Karen’s last night working the bar. Karen has been a regular bartender at Fringe during its development as a the comedy venue in Wellington, is a shame to see her go. I lasted about an hour and then the fatigue set in and headed back home. Heading to Jarlath Regan tonight at San Fran, loved his set on the Gala, looking forward to it.

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