Jarlath Regan

Nice early one last night as well, only a single show on in Wellington for the Festival. Jarlath Regan 7pm at San Fran. A very relaxed enjoyable hour. A bit like Wilson Dixon, in that the comedians enjoyed it and I would also take my dad along. Lady across from me loved it! Very warm conversational style, stories of his wife and helping his parents and acting as Santa. I was glad too that he agreed to the request to repeat his 5min gala set to close the show. It was nice to watch a show from within the crowd instead of sitting at the back of the venue having to check the door. Jarlath’s story about one of his worst gigs ever at a prison reminded me of a similar but reversed situation I heard from Dave Wiggins (Googling God next week at Bats). Dave was performing at a church and as he came on stage the preacher placed his hands on Dave and asked the audience to pray silently for his success in the set he was about to deliver, then walked off, leaving Dave standing there in front of a silent prayerful audience. Awesome.
Went to Duke Carvell’s for dinner afterwards, was two for one dishes on Mondays. This place was great, tapas style, well fed for about $20 each. Will be visiting there again.

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