sleep in tomorrow

Just about to head out to SpeakEasy in Petone for the showcase with TJ McDonald. James Keating and the man who tore the hell out of Comedy Den last night Jav Jarquin. First show with my old Buzz Bar crew since 2008.
James and Cruzanne MacAlister played out at Boiler Room in Mayfair Cafe last night, word on the street is Brendhan Lovegrove may be making an appearance next week.
Comedy Den was fantastic, expertly mc’d by Rhys Matthewson, it could have gone either way, and at points yeah it did crash and burn but things always turned around somehow. Jim Stanton got rolling laughs and was one of the privileged few who did not get voted off during her song Stupid Cupid. Jav Jarquin pulled out an inspired silent performance, training an audience member in the art of ninja then an interpretative dance to damnit I can’t remember the song name? Sarah Harpur gave the audience an option, either safe observational or her death material. Well, they made their bed, so they had to lie in it. McKinney wandered into another anecdote on Dunedin radio stations, I don’t think anyone including him knew where it was going but it was a thoroughly enjoyable journey. And James performed a Nokise 5 that turned into Beyonce’s Single ladies.
A bizarre night, a hilarious night, and if you weren’t there well you’ll never see the likes of it again.

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