10pm conundrum

Looking forward to the Comedy Den tonight, apparently in a Fringe Bar/BlueNote tribute there’s going to be some mix of stand up and karaoke hitting the stage from midnight. Even I don’t know who’s on the line up so head down if you’re around after Late Laughs at San Fran. Zoe Lyons who people have been raving about is hosting it this week so should be a solid show. Ooh actually clash, there’s also the Benjamin Crellin memorial gig at Garden Club (well, he’s not actually dead… or is he? ) at the same time, as well as Jav Jarquin’s Legend of the Card Ninja. Tough decisions people.

Sarah’s show had a strange vibe to it last night, was an unusual audience, and they took a little while to warm to her. They came around in the end but she really had to work for them. Clayts had a what I call a ‘single laugher’, “Woohaa!” and then it would stop. She always lead the laughing too, like she was the ringleader. Anyway. Taxi driver on way home asked me if it gets boring listening to the same material each night and I realised I actually quite enjoy listening to different audiences. They all seem to come in with different energies and attitudes. The reviewer for Jav’s opening night, while acknowledging the crowd was with him managed to call him ‘smarmy’ as well, which was something I didn’t pick up nor I think the rest of the audience. Well, there will always be ‘single laughers’ and ‘single reviewers’. I remember a gig at San Fran way back where I mistook a particular single laugher who sounded like he was booing as a heckler and tried to shut him down but nothing seemed to work. Found out at half time he wasn’t booing but had cerebal palsy. Terrible.

Oh and quick props must go to the Ticketek crew at Fringe Bar. I know we like to complain about service fees all the time but these guys have been great all week, and last night even went out on the street drumming up support for Jav’s show. They sit in and watch most of the shows once they’ve done the ticketing job so they know what’s on and what its like. So if you’re a performer, be nice to them! And if you’re an audience member be nice too.

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