Jav Jarquin WTF OMG

This show is outstanding. Simply outstanding. The audience were half laughing half in awe. The Legend of the Card Ninja takes us through Jav’s journey to become a card throwing master, filled with stories along the way he takes us through the different stages of distance, precision, concentration etc. each stage accompanied by a different challenge that he undertakes in front of the audience. Apple slicing, distance throwing, hitting a card box from across the room, he’s an incredibly talented technician. But this also stands up as a comedy show, the lines aren’t just regular magician patter but material that would hold up on a night at the Classic. There must be few talented card technicians who are also talented stand ups who are also talented improvisers. Unmissable.
Bookings for shows are becoming increasingly necessary, especially at Fringe Bar. If you are planning on seeing something tonight call 0800 TICKETEK and get booking in advance, we had to turn people away last night. Jav’s show was packed out, Sarah had a reasonably full audience as well. Oh and if another person turns up at 7.30pm for a 7pm show, I’m not going to let them in. 5-10min late I understand, but half an hour late for a one hour show?

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