Harpur and Carrot Lettuce

An impressive solo debut for Sarah Harpur last night, this was a well thought out show that is probably the only one that could get an audience to shout the chorus ‘Dead Dad’s Club’ with such enthusiasm, or at all. It delivered on what was promised, cat abortion, sucide and eating her pets. The Bain Murders is the singular most awkward thing I have seen on stage at the Fringe Bar, for anyone to still have an audience after that shows she had them pretty bloody well.
Was good to see Clayts for the first time in ages. He hardly pauses for breath through the whole set, but it wasn’t a nervous rush more a confident patter. There was a surprising mix of talents in this show, including beatboxing rap and a loop pedal. The ode to Auckland is outstanding. He had about 30 or so in, quite solid for a rainy Tuesday. Apparently he’s got about 30 or so pre booked each night for the rest of his run, so it might pay to book ahead particularly for Thursday and Friday.
Tonight is Jav Jarquin’s opening of Legend of the Card Ninja at 10pm, and I’ve heard good things about Zoe Lyons too at the Garden Club. Have managed to go alcohol free since Sunday, going to try and keep that up, some late nights ahead.

One Response to “Harpur and Carrot Lettuce”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Zoe Lyons was simply fantastic. I laughed until it hurt to laugh anymore. If you can manage to get away, I really recommend going to her! Or at least coming to Comedy Diva’s on Sunday night.

    Nice reviewing Jerome!

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