Miles Jupp, Wilson Dixon

Good times. Felt great to be back in the San Fran Bathhouse, such a nice venue, such a great stage. Home to the Wellington Comedy Club since the beginning, I’ve been watching comedy there back when James Nokise started in 2001/02.
Evening started with Miles Jupp, who wasted no time in establishing his middle class credentials. His Theatreview review described him as a wordsmith which I have to agree with. It was full of little asides and metaphors that at times the audience didn’t seem to pick up on. I wonder if New Zealanders are a bit unsure about the whole class divide that was the cornerstone of Miles’ show. I guess we like to think we’re all egalitarian, though the Listener this week suggests otherwise. He does a fine indignant rant, one on customer service and another on an ill fated coach trip to Amsterdam that finishes the show, by which time the audience were definitely on side. So head along, but make sure you’re listening, if you miss an aside its your loss. Oh and well played on the Palmerston North reference.
Wilson Dixon looked almost sold out and I get the feeling that’s going to be the case for the rest of the week. Just great lines, the audience loved it. The shaggy dog stories, the non-sequiturs, just the innocence of the character, was good times. Almost the sort of stuff my dad might like, yet sharp enough to have the comedians at the back cracking up. One of my favourite lines was about Spanish rainfall, listen out for that.
Word on the street is that Sarah Harpur has sold out tonight, so best to try her on Wednesday or Thursday.
Oh and I’ve recorded my Wellington poem for the good people performing You Can’t Beat Wellington on a Good Day, that opens tonight too.
Head down to comedy booth tomorrow, heard there will be two for ones available for Jav Jarquin in the Legend of the Card Ninja, saw this guy at Comedy Unplugged during Fringe Festival, its some pretty talented stuff.

One Response to “Miles Jupp, Wilson Dixon”

  1. James Says:

    I caught Miles Jupp’s show in Auckland and for me it was one of the festival highlights. Quite unusual seeing a Prince Charles sort of chap on stage at a comedy club. Proof that the powers that impart the comedy gift are no respecters of British class stucture.

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