Fest 2010

Venue managing at Fringe Bar with the first show of the Comedy Festival in Wellington last night, Micetro by WIT. Was a high quality night, the standard of improvisors coming through the ranks keeps rising and there are people on stage I’ve never seen before hitting some great characters and story lines. Was a reasonable crowd, 30-40 or so which is strong for a Sunday night. Its going to be a big week.

Small break tonight then into it on Tuesday with Harpur’s Bizarre at 7pm and Billy T nominee Clayton Carrick-Leslie at 8.30. Am doing a quick 10min at the top for Sarah. Was a great cover article in the Capital Times on her, covering everything from her dad’s suicide to her racist pets. One of my new favourite lines in Wellington comedy would be her albino rabbit, ‘Hey cat! Hey cat! Look at you! You’re so black!’ Love it. Take the flatmates, but probably not the parents.
Clayts is a gentleman and a scholarly comic. He’s both original and accessible. I’d put him down as a solid bet if you’re taking friends who are new to stand up, but his writing still has something in it for the regulars too. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

Might see if I can sneak into Wilson Dixon tonight at San Fran, but I think my chances are pretty limited, his publicity is everywhere. Would be happy to see Miles Jupp at 7pm as well. Disappointed Tommy Tiernan isn’t coming down to Wellington, if you’re an Aucklander he’s an unmissable show, Perrier winner from way back, check his clips on Youtube, this is probably my favourite.

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