Last heat Raw Meat

Very tough judging tonight. I think we’re seeing the effect of having a regular weekly Raw night on Mondays at Fringe. The competition heats are seeing not just first timers but also those who’ve had a few gigs under their belt. Its made the judging just that even bit more difficult, especially with only 6min and knowing that some of them can rock an hour show while some are doing all the material they have. Argh, was tough. Congrats then to Ben Stokes and Jarred Boescke, I think Jarred’s first gig? And it wasn’t just the obvious crowd support that he’d brought along, he had a warm stage presence and his jokes even though read off a piece of paper (somehow I forgot about that while judging) were tight and the song was innocent enough to win the crowd and absurd enough for the judges to enjoy it. Hmm, two weeks in a row and the opening act has made it through, though I don’t think we overcompensated for that.
Thank goodness not having to judge the finals this Thursday at Fringe Bar.

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