Sweetman and Raw

Read the first positive Simon Sweetman review in a while, was on the Old Crow Medicine Show in the DomPost this morning. I read them expecting a litany of misery so when that expectation was broken I felt a little disappointed. Nevermind, I’m sure there’ll be something he dislikes soon and I can get my schadenfreude hit.
Raw night on Monday was a tough one. I was judging along with Jim Stanton and Mary Laine. I struggled picking the top two, there were a few contenders for me. In the end it went to a slick well delivered Chelsea Hughes fresh off her Fringe Festival run, and Matt Mulholland, who’s song I think about Men was perfect, and delightfully delivered. Honourable mention to Gareth Bradley and the youngster Adrian(?) who’s set was almost my favourite. Unique delivery and topic, nice character, was hard not to give it to him.
Hopefully heading along to El Jaguar tonight, depends how this whiskey at 3pm goes down.

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