15 min poem

From Chit Chat Lounge, audience offers were Gods and Heroes, mermaids and real estate.

He wandered here so far from home
In search of land to call his own
No need to hide no need to fear
The moose the beaver or the bear
A land where birds no need to fly
Off southern coast the mermaids cry
The gods they wear no togas white
But dress in black, first dance then fight
A hero be no fuss at all
Even if you’re five feet tall
So you’ve got no useful skills
Your silly jokes can’t pay the bills
Its alright and its ok
If every sentence ends with ‘eh?’
Or your show leaves audience dead
‘Cause you didn’t plan ahead
We don’t mind mistakes, its fine to risk it
Its no Chit Chat cookie its a biscuit
All your efforts amount to zero
You’re no god and you’re no hero
Forget your troubles and your cares
Welcome home Derek Flores

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