Running out of time

To see the shows I’d like. Last night was a bit of a write off, had the Great Debate at Union Hall for the Victoria Debating Society, if you missed that you missed Labour MP Chris Hipkins get a ribbing, TJ McDonald and Jim Stanton make out for an extended period on stage, and all of us getting incrementally drunker as the night wore on. For the record the affirmative team won the moot that we would rather be dead than red, apologies to the speakers but I genuinely cannot remember what any of you said. Josh Cameron in particular was very funny though, and my regards to Chris Hipkins’ speech writers, though lay off the internet jokes Chipkins!
Chit Chat lounge was suitably loose. Not sure the opening monologue with Eric TJ and myself worked quite as well, this may have had something to do with the jager shot and fifteen or so beers between us. Some guy doing a free show Sun Drugs at the Pit Bar put tape on his face and did a bizarre piece of spoken word. This show might even be a bit too weird for me, though it got an interesting review so who knows?
Been hearing a lot of talk about Home, Ben Hur and Sunday Roast so if you’ve got a spare evening try and catch these before Festival finishes.
Ooh and I won a Fringe tshirt in the raffle! So far I’ve got two complimentary smoothies from Plum Cafe and a tshirt all for only about $20 worth of raffle tickets so far. How many tickets would I buy if Fringe producer Zelda got dressed up as raffles girl? Only one way to find out…

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