I’ve been pleased with myself trying out a few different art forms this year, I’ve seen a lot more theatre and well my first clown show really. Added to that tonight with Haimona, a poetry reading/performance at Katipo Bar. Performed from the writings of NZ poet Simon Williamson. Had the same thing as with Sometimes I don’t like Yellow, I wasn’t sure I liked it until about halfway through. They were delivered by Mike Eager in a mix of reading with sound overlaid throughout the show. I’m not much of a poetry reader, scared after 7th form T.S. Eliot, but these were very much New Zealand stories, kinda reminded me of Baxter with the North Island settings, the wanderings. From what I gathered the poet suffered from mental illness throughout his life and what I think killed him in the end, there’s an angry poem to his brother who committed suicide delivered at the end of the performance. Not an easy show, but the words flow. Pretty simple production, first time I’ve seen a performer have to do their own lighting on stage. Each ticket gets a copy of the book of poems as well. Was unsure whether I’d recommend it but the more I think about it, yeah go have a listen.
Chit Chat was suitably mental and a nice change of pace. Myself, TJ McDonald and Eric Amber provided live joke writing for Derek’s monologue at the top. The hits outweighed the misses, though it was a forgiving crowd. Heard Ben Hur was a hit, will try fit it in on Friday. Running out of days to see stuff! Home about songs and stories from the first world war had one of the actors sing an old Scottish war song, rousing stuff. And Merrilee made a Pocahontas inspired summer dress with the flowing winds of glad wrap trailing in her model’s wake.
Last night of the One Night Stands at the Ruby Lounge tomorrow. Can’t make it myself as am doing the annual Victoria University Debating Society Great Debate, basically we all get drunk and slag off the local politicians who turn up to take part as speakers. This year its former student president and redhead, Labour MP Chris Hipkins. I wish him all the best.

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