Clowns in the park

Ok, my next guess for twentythreepieces writer is Brunswick and Jitterati creator Grant Buist, he’s always drawing about Wellington going-ons. Though I haven’t seen him at any Fringe events at all? Prime suspect remains Mary Laine and the Fringe crew themselves.
Storytime for the hungry had a neat little show in a park down Aro Valley. We met at 225 Aro St then wandered to the park at the bottom of Holloway Rd to be introduced and in some cases fed by a quartet of red nosed enthusiastic clowns. Making porridge, getting lost, confusing passersby, was a fun show with an entertained audience. Highlights where the mountain bikers who ended up in the middle of a performance and one who even stopped to watch the show. So well done there.
Then headed down to Fringe Bar for second half of Comedy Unplugged. There are some cracker shows that are set for Comedy Fest this year. TJ McDonald previewed material for A Maori Ate my Great-Granddad. Strong storytelling, it was an assured performance from him once he hit his rhythm. Looking forward to the whole hour. And all the way from Christchurch was Jav Jarquin with his journey to becoming the Card Ninja. A real blast of an entertainer, he threw cards through apples and pumpkins and generally wowed the crowd. Good times.
Tonight I’m heading to watch Eric Amber’s film which I think is some sort of sci-fi romance? I can’t remember. Its on at Fringe Bar at 8pm.
Oh I’ve had Sunday Roast recommended by a few people, maybe see that over the next few days.

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