Sometimes I don’t like Yellow

Well last night’s viewing went well off the plan. Ended up down at Bats heading along to The Immortals in the Pit Bar. Was hoping to see A Love Tail which has got great reviews but my timing was off again. This was the second to last night of the Immortals, a spoken word piece taken from a short story by Martin Amis. I really enjoyed the storytelling, just a stripped back performance, one man with a glass of whiskey recounting his experiences. Last night tonight, I’d wander along if I were you, was a nice way to start the night.
Then wandered into Sometimes I don’t Like Yellow at Bats 8pm. Now this was an interesting beast. Yes there was pineapple involved, though in a rather sinister fashion. Now it took me til about 3/4 of the way through before I was sure I liked this play. It follows the story of a canning company CEO trying to turn a profit and explaining his choices. Was it a critique of capitalism and unbridled greed? Or the industrial revolution and the commodification of people? Is that why the scene changes and a lot of the set pieces seem so, I don’t know, mechanical in form? Hmm, pop along, it takes a little while to get into it, but the lead actor was great and the supporting roles create some interesting imagery. Nice work.
Oh there’s a pretty bizarre visual/aural installation going on at the Basement 39 Dixon St called And Nothing Stirred. The artist (installer?) attempted a description at the Chit Chat Lounge, something about sound beams and sythesizers, kinda like a room sized theremin? These visual artists need to hire spokespeople to translate for them. Sound tech Issac gave what I think was a pretty good description using microphone feedback. Weird interview.
There was also a snippet of what to expect at Derek Eric and Simon’s Ben Hur epic at Fringe Bar next week, the entire movie compressed to an hour. Its funny, but I’m not sure why!

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