twentythreepieces has taken a dark turn over the last few chapters. Not universally enjoyed turns either, a couple of displeased comments on their Fringe page from the past couple of days. I’ve finally caught up with the last 14 chapters and get the feeling there might be more than one writer. I wonder if Festival publicist Phil is involved somehow? I’ve also got my suspicions of Fringe team member Annie.
Other rumours include Comedy Fest coordinator Amber unleashing her musical theatre talents at a Chit Chat night coming soon?
Gabriel Page’s L is for Love, Love is for Losers got a strong review on theatreview.org.nz, I might be heading along to watch tonight at Bodega 8.30pm tonight. He performed Facebook Girl last night at the end of a very long Chit Chat lounge.

What the hell was the musical shaman guy on about? Sometimes I think visual artists go too long without public feedback.  The Russian Frost Farmers gallery is at 2 Eva St just off Dixon St with a show on tonight and tomorrow. I watched the interview and he wore a space helmet with light sensitive diodes, or something. I’ll be heading along tomorrow to be mildly confused. Will go after a couple of drinks methinks.

Actors from Salon were along last night, this production which runs twice a night at 7pm and 8.30pm 64 Ghuznee St is drawing a bit of controversy, some mixed reviews and a lot of discussion. Their last production set in a hotel room was met with some acclaim. This sequel/prequel set in a hairdressing salon seats only 15 at a time, best to book and find out what the talk is about.

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