Woah you have to see this show. This is my pick of the fringe so far. Wannabe at 8.30pm Fringe Bar, runs to Saturday. One man, an entire boy band and some incredibly catchy pop songs. I only went along because I saw Popsicle Girl sung at Chit Chat lounge but am so glad I took the gamble. It’s Brotastic’s Final Ever Comeback Special Ever Finally show, dedicated to former band member Jason. Look, just go see it.

Danni Natalie and Chelsea’s first festival show ever was last night too and they did mighty fine. There isn’t a lot of sketch happening in Wellington Comedy at the moment but I’m sure that’s about to change. Might need to work on the scene changes and transitions a little, but the ideas are definitely there and they’ve got stage presence down so all in all a good night at Fringe Bar.

Oh and I won two smoothies from Plum Cafe at the Chit Chat lounge are buying 8 tickets from Sarah Harpur, who I understand was dressed up as a tart.
Uther Dean alo spoke convincingly of his show Sometimes I don’t like Yellow at Bats opening 26th Feb. I have no idea what its about but he mentioned there might be pineapples and I like pineapples.
Rumours are abound over the writer of 23pieces. At this stage my guess is either Mary Laine or Eric Amber. Have only read the first three chapters but it I can tell its not a comedian, they don’t write that well. Sign up by sending ‘tell me a story’ to twentythreepieces@gmail.com

One Response to “Wannabe”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Hey Jerome, thanks for that feedback about transitions. We’re definitely working on tightening things up! Come back on Saturday 🙂

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