Gods and Heroes

WIT keep laying it down. Another show concept and last night was another success. The format is different scenes and threads that hopefully tie up together though not necessarily. The setting is the Greek Gods being displaced to Mt Vic, and their interactions with the locals. It’s the type of improv with a high chance of characters and storylines getting lost and that risk makes it one of my favourite forms to watch. They skirted pretty close to failure last night but they always seem to pull back from the brink just in time. I love how whenever a scene seems to be going comfortably the offstage actors will get them into trouble somehow. We had naked cyclists, internet dating, an old man Gregor, and Christine Brooks undid her toga. Interesting.
Chit Chat saw Derek’s head being shaved as a raffle prize which raised a grand total of $60 for the Fringe Trust.

Sorry to anyone who’s show I walk out of, its not because I’m annoyed that you haven’t started 20min after advertised time, I’ve been to my fair share of stand up shows and know about the half hour waiting for more people to turn up, its just that in Fringe Festival I’m probably going to be heading to another show after yours and don’t want to have to walk out early. Really disappointed too, was Cookie Baker’s last show.

Anyone got an idea for a show that’s worth taking a gamble on in week two?

One Response to “Gods and Heroes”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    I can think of a show you should go see ——– 🙂

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