Well, headed to Bogan Bingo at The Office in Newtown and yup, pretty much what the title says. Loud music, bad hairdos and bingo. Our group won a can of spam, a spatula and a $25 bar tab which we spent on tequila. A good choice.
Was just a ridiculous event, if you can shut off inhibitions and part of your brain you’ll have a great time, which we did and had. If you can’t do either maybe give it a miss.
Mildly boozy bus ride back to Cuba St for Friday night Chit Chat Lounge. The guy from Wannabe looked and sounded great, boyband tribute act at Fringe Bar Wednesday-Saturday 8.30pm. There were dancers as well, but for some reason I can never remember any info for them, I think my rule from last year still holds, dance shows give bad interviews. Reasons anyone?
Tonight is Gods and Heroes, the Wellington Improv Troupe 9.30pm at Bats. Always love their stuff so looking forward to it. The Greek gods have been relocated to Mt Vic.
Oh hey and I got a tip off from one of the Fringe volunteers, there’s a talented Sydney musician performing at the Wesley Church 75 Taranaki St, show’s called The Red Rover Caberet, her last show’s tonight. Jocelyn Moen, apparently she’s not bad? Think that’ll be my gamble show for the night, it paid off for Back/words so fingers crossed we strike lucky again.
Hey, why fringe.co.nz have no search function? Also, having the show promo images light up in colour when you run your mouse over them seems like a good idea but just means that they look dull in black in white most of the time.

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