Thursday 18th

Saw Back/words 8pm at Bats last night. Interesting concept, the five actors recorded interviews with 13 different people asking the same questions on first times and last times then ‘replayed’ the stories told verbatim using the same mannerisms and accents and body language. So we heard tales of elderly couples falling in love for the first time and students getting drunk for the first time, dealing with deaths and domestic violence. Played out very simply but honestly. The editing of snippets together and the way all the actors flowed from character to character was really nice. They made the audience both laugh and cry, pretty heartwarming and heart wrenching. Seemingly simple idea, well delivered. From what I could tell they were listening to the interviews on ipods as they delivered them to the audience. They play through to Sunday, well worth a look. I would say a good date show. Was a close to packed house last night, might pay to book ahead? On my recommended list.

Missed Chit Chat Lounge though will try catch it tonight, heard rumors the improv costume design might be making another appearance next Wednesday? Have also had a second recommendation to check out Nag so that’s on the to do list for next week. And a couple of recommendations for Who’s neat? You! which is in a truck by Bats Theatre. Have been to a couple of interesting venues in the past, Eli Kent’s bedroom for the Intricate Art of Actually Caring and Mike Bodnar did a Fringe show a while back on a bus that drove around the city. They both went well so might have to check it out even on that basis. I think it only seats like 20 at a time but there are two shows a night.

Off to Bogan Bingo tonight at the Office in Newtown 7pm. No idea what to expect, do you play bingo in teams or is it a solo thing?

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