Fringe 2010

Righto, starting my Fringe diary a little late this year, had a wedding in Thailand and have just made it back. Hope to make it up though, saw three shows last night and might try for a couple more tonight.

Weds 17th Feb

Did the trifecta at Fringe Bar with The Jokers Guide to Armageddon 7pm, The Comediettes 8.30pm and Chit Chat Lounge at 10pm.

7pm James Nokise’s ode to/mockery of geek culture was a fast paced seminar covering the top sci fi fantasy creations of the last two decades. Enjoyed it! Its an accessible show, ran well despite technical hiccups (we had to watch the powerpoint presentation gathered around his laptop) and I’d be keen to see it again once the cables are sorted out and we can watch the horrors of ‘chubby elf’ on the big screen. Was nicely fringe, and a real breather after Nokise’s 2009 show about domestic violence. Just someone sharing a passion and the enthusiasm was definitely shared. Just the 12 or so of us, the show deserves more.

8.30pm The Comediettes had me impressed before the show even started. This opening show of a four festival run has had one of the best marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen for a Fringe or Comedy Festival. Cover of Capital Times, magazine articles, Sarah Harpur’s blog they are everywhere. And the gig delivered. It was slickly paced and flowed nicely between their solo and duo stuff. Solid comedy, great songs and if you’re a regular comedy goer a lot of new material to enjoy as well. Based on the close to sold out opening night, it will sell strongly so probably best to book at

10pm My favourite addition to the Chit Chat Lounge was Merrilee McCoy’s improv costume design based on audience member and Fringe Trust chair Miranda Harcourt’s desire to look like a horse (may have misheard that). We heard from some of the characters of Goldilocks and the Three Queers which is a play about gay people from the 70s. They sing as well. Sarah and Jim were on, Nokise and two of the players from Undergrowth which from what I saw is a mix of poetry and storytelling and music making retelling the Hansel and Gretel story. Looked a bit weird, might try it for a gamble. Why were they wearing chairs on their backs?

Tonight might try Back/Words tonight at Bats. They call it verbatim theatre, where they replay real-life conversations with the voices spoken by actors. Sounds like the Nick Park animals in the zoo animation stuff. I might have it completely wrong, will let you know how it goes.

Heard from Fringe staff that Nag is a cool visual art performance at 5.30pm Toi Poneke Gallery on Abel Smith St. Something about people riding bikes that power speakers while they draw sketches and do other stuff. Hmm, might check that out too.

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  1. Merrilee Says:

    awh shucks Jerome – 😉

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