Class Comedians

Well its only 4 hours til the Class Comedians students have their first public performance, I’m really looking forward to how it goes. Been a long 3 months since the first concerts and workshops and school holiday mentoring sessions and guest visits and comedy show field trips! And by around about 4pm today it’ll be all over. Phew. One of the students Ben came along to Jerome’s Variety Hour last night performing literally his first gig ever in front of a paying audience. And damn was he good! One of the best first gigs I’ve seen by anyone.
Show went well last night, sold out again which has been great. Just one more night and we’ll have a clean run. Hopefully the weather holds out and we get big numbers again. Has been an interesting run this festival, from the hardcore flyering and hustling in Auckland to coming home to Wellington to sold out crowds. They’ve all been enjoyable shows, some of them I’ve had to work hard at and others have been the most relaxing hour of my day. But I’ve left all feeling I’ve had a good time and I hope the audience did too.
Had a couple of late shows this week, Best of the Fest on Thursday and then Late Laughs last night. Made me appreciate picking the right material for different audiences. The walk up on the night audience of Best of the Fest were the comedy regulars whilst the pre-bookings of the Late Laughs were a newer crowd, something I didn’t take into consideration. So Thursday was much fun, but Friday was a little bit hard work. Will keep that in mind for the future. Wandered along to the Phat Cave at Fringe Bar, but too tired so didn’t last long.

Righto, nearly over. Looking forward to finding out about the Billy T winner tomorrow night, I’ve got a couple of picks, but I think I’ll keep them to myself.

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