Thursday night

Ok, phew, tonight is the reason I do the festival. The show has finally found its feet and now that I know I can comfortably talk for an hour I’m having more fun with it. Its a hard run up here, I’m working for every audience member I can get from flyering at the booth and talking to people after shows. The flyering is working reasonably well, picking up people who haven’t decided what show to see and those who couldn’t make it for other shows sold out. Had great support from the comedians tonight too, with Clayton Carrick Leslie, James Keating and the Comediettes coming along, cheers team.

Going to be hitting it again tomorrow, this sure is one hell of a job. Just saw Jason Cook’s show Joy again and loved it as much as the first time. Might head down to the Classic to catch the end of the late show, whatever keeps me away from the casino.

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