Hey all, arrived up here on Monday afternoon and managed to get a ticket to the Billy T past winners showcase at SkyCity. Hosted by Ewen Gilmour, they ran through most of the winners from previous years. Solid night. Had a bit of a quiet one, was trying to go this week without drinking beer so orange juice and ginger beers. Staying at my standard Kiwi International, kind of my routine whenever I’m in Auckland. Have broken my tradition of losing money at the casino, which is a good thing.

Opening night was a lot of fun, small crowd but I’m really happy with the show, got lost on time and had to cut a few things out, so will be a lot tighter for Wednesday night. Spent the afternoon flyering with Emma, Jim and Sarah of the Comediettes down at the booth on Vulcan Lane, slowly working. I hit a rhythm about 20min into flyering, puts me in a good mood before show time. Have just come from Hannah Gadsby, personal show with her experiences dealing with her troublesome mother. Hoping to see Romantic Comedy with Jesse Mulligan and Mark Scott later in the week, just having a quiet one tonight. More flyering set for tomorrow.

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