Long night

Finally made it along to see The Comedy Cure’s Word on the Street at Bats Theatre. Word on the street is this may have been their final performance together as a troupe? So if you missed it you’ll have to make do with the Youtube clips or you can see TJ McDonald in Monkey vs. Robot and Jim Stanton and Sarah Harpur in The Comediettes. Also loved the theatre piece by the Breaking the 5th Wall crew, was a really nice use of stage space, lighting and sound to create a series of vignettes uncovering the truth about humour. Written by Josh Samuels and directed by Merrilee McCoy it was tightly scripted and delivered.
Probably should have headed home to bed but the bus wasn’t for another half hour so made my way up to Fringe Bar for the Comedy Den with Jason Cook. Great and late show, didn’t finish til around 2am. Had a bit of a wonky set myself, but will make sure I get a good night’s sleep before Jerome’s Variety Hour opens on Tuesday in Auckland. El Jaguar was in fine form as was were the slightly tipsy Chris Brain and the clearly drunk JJ Whitehead. Good times.
Will be heading along to Carey Marx and Mickey D on Monday night at the Classic Studio in Auckland if anyone cares to join?

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