Chris Brain

A Better Place by Chris Brain is unmissable. I’d recommend anyone in Wellington to go along and check it out at Fringe Bar 7pm running Tuesday to Saturday. Powerful show dealing with Chris’ fight with depression and the tools he used to deal with it. Has joined my list of top festival performances along with White Club – James Nokise 2006, I do these things so you don’t have to – Jamie Bowen 2007 and The First Time – Steve Wrigley 2008.
Also caught James Keating’s Billbored which will definitely appeal to the fans of deadpan, had one of the highest gag rates I’ve seen, so even if you groan at some of the lines a new one is ready right behind it.
Also had the bizarre/wonderful experience of El Jaguar’s Cinco de Mayo’s Fiesta de Haha. The stand out performer for me was Matt Mulholland’s endearing and enduring tribute to Celine Dion on the tin whistle. Sublimely ridiculous.

One Response to “Chris Brain”

  1. Dave Mitchell Says:

    something completely off topic but – The posters this year are of a high standard – Nokise’s is great, Like wise with Jeromes Variety Hour. you got any favourites?

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