Clean Comedy Show

Mildly manic day. Class Comedians workshop finished at 4pm then got a ride to the airport from Dave Cormack who is producing Monkey vs. Robot in time to make the 5pm flight to Auckland for the Clean Comedy Show, Dave Wiggins’ wife picked me up at the airport then straight to the gig. Really nice venue, Hawkins Theatre out in Papakura, would have had a couple of hundred in the audience? Nice friendly crowd and great sets from all. Wiggins MCing with Dash Ambrose, myself and Simon McKinney. The tea and museli slice at half time reminded me of my first festival experience with Civilized, the show Matiaha Paku and I did out at Little Theatre in Lower Hutt back in 2005. Was a great flyering opportunity too, people value that flyer with a smile a lot more than a piece of paper left in a cafe. That idea was reinforced last night at the fundraising gig at Paramount where I found on a side table flyers advertising Late Laughs, from 2008.
Had a quick beer with Janey and Simon but think will have a quiet one tonight. Am not even going to the casino, must be getting old.
Hopefully see some of you at First Laughs in Wellington tomorrow night, if I can find my ticket.

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