Finals update

Just back from the Raw Comedy Quest Wellington Finals, was a solid night with Benjamin Crellin at the helm. Effectively sold out, Chris from San Fran had to let me in through the door and it was standing room only on a bitterly cold and drizzly night. Missed the first two acts unfortunately as they were Cruzanne MacAlister and Gabriel Page but was in time for Jeremy from Levin, full credit on the Wind in the Willows reference, and Nathan Winter who had a very gag heavy 7 minutes. Second half was Sarah Harpur who you can all see in The Comediettes which is appearing in Auckland and Wellington. She was fairly slick having just performed in the Dunedin and Wellington Fringe Festivals and took top prize for the night. Danni Taylor had a fine set, slow start but an assured delivery and never over explained her material which is something I like. Woody Tuhiwai who is in Breaking the 5th Wall had his take on Maori/Pakeha issues, with a completely different set to what I saw him perform in the heats. And I missed the name of the final act.
The top two going through to Auckland to compete for the National Raw Comedy Quest title on Sunday 17th May were Sarah Harpur and Cruzanne MacAlister.
The National prize is worth $1000, and both of them have their return flights to Auckland paid for too. Not like the good ol’ days. Back in 2004 I had to catch a ride up with TJ McDonald and his parents at 6 in the morning. Though they did buy me breakfast and we got to play the ‘Point at the animal and call it by it’s name’ game and TJ pointed at a horse and said ‘cow’ by mistake and so he lost.

2 Responses to “Finals update”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Hey, thanks for the summary and bummed I couldn’t make it. I already have my eye on next year’s comp! 🙂

  2. jetlaggedcomedy Says:

    Haha, this was a random thing to find on a search for “Wellington Comedy”!
    Blast from the past…

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